Pando Digital Bluetooth Earphones Review
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Pando Digital Bluetooth Earphones Review

The brand new company Pando Styles is taking over ear headphone technology to the next level. Traditional headphones that acted only as ear speakers are a thing in the past and are being upgraded with the latest mobile technologies.

The Pando Digital Bluetooth Earphones brings features only found in mobile phones and digital watches, directly to your ears. With a very sleek design, powerful compact speakers, and a robust array of features, these bluetooth earphones are something great to consider.

Product Features

Take pictures with earphonesThe Pando Digital Bluetooth Earphones functions as a normal set of headphones if you are just looking to listen to music. The design of this baby fits right over your ears very comfortably with little to no irritation or discomfort. Because of the latest bluetooth technology, this device connects to any other bluetooth enabled gadget such as mobile phones, smart televisions, sound systems, gaming devices, and much more.

These earphones are touch-screen for toggling through different apps and have a built-in rechargeable battery which will give you upto 13-15 hours of continuous use. If you have an android device you can activate the camera to take amazing photos. If your using your mobile device, and a call is coming in, you can easily switch to answer to start talking or reject the call with a simple click.

The device is perfect for jogging and fits securely over your ears. You won’t have to worry about slippage or your earphones coming apart. Also while jogging another great feature is the intelligent auto tracking system which can calculate the time, distance, speed and calories for you. This features works with the compatible app that comes with the device. Keeping track of the distance you run and how many calories you lose is an excellent way to stay in shape.

These digital earphones allow you play music directly from an SD card of upto 32GB. Because this device is touch screen, you can control the volume of your music or switch to the next track with absolute ease. Pando earphones have a fold-able design and can easily fit right into your pocket when not in use, making portability a plus.


  • Touch Screen Earphones
  • 13-15 Hours of continuous use
  • MP3 Player with use of SD Card
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Android and iPhone Compatible
  • Ability to answer phone calls
  • Ability to take photos
  • Colors: Silver, Orange, and Pink


  • Camera option only available for Android phones
  • Limited stock



Digital Bluetooth Headphones Silver
The Pando Digital Bluetooth Earphones is a new and refreshing technology to the over ear headphone market. With so many features that includes a digital touch screen, taking photos, and intelligent tracking, the possibilities with these headphones are endless. Compared to other very expensive headphones, the Pando earphones are exceptionally affordable. Be one of the first few people to own this exclusive technology today!