Sony MDRZ7 Hi Res Stereo Headphones Review
MDRZ7 Review

Sony MDRZ7 Hi Res Stereo Headphones Review

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Sony MDRZ7 Hi Res Stereo Headphones are loud and proud

There are three types of people who use headphones: travelers who need noise-cancelling technology, music freaks who love it loud and powerful, and people who just want good sound without a big price tag and damaged eardrums. The one who love it loud will be blown away by the Sony MDRZ7 High-Res Stereo Headphones.

Features and benefits:

Sony boasts that the MDRZ7’s have “wide sound-stage reproduction up to 100kHz, with 70mm driver units with ALCP for articulate audio production.” That’s a lot of techy jargon meaning they sound awesome. Deep pure bass and treble that doesn’t split your eardrums are huge selling points.


The first thing you’ll notice about these Sony headphones is their quality construction. A solid, aluminum design puts them on par with much pricier brands.

Sony MDRZ7 HeadphonesErgonomic ear pads constructed with high-quality urethane deliver a snug, comfortable fit. They envelope your ears with a wraparound fit, perfect for DJs or people on the move. You won’t have to worry about cheap foam degradation leaving tiny bits of black stuff all over your ears and in your hair.

Another way to tell that these are quality headphones is by looking at the cable. It’s pretty thick wire, with four conductors for beautiful signal separation.

The Sony MDRZ7’s are a steal at it’s current price range, especially since comparable headphones can cost more than $1,000.

They come with two audio cables. One is conventional and the other is to be used when adding a headphone amplifier, which may be overkill.


The snug fit of the headphones makes for a bit of heat buildup around your ears. Usually, after about an hour and a half, this slight discomfort requires a break from listening to music.

The sound is huge and loud, so if you’re using them in an office environment coworkers may complain that too much of your music is leaking from them. If you lower the volume too much, they just don’t sound as good. These headphones sound best when they’re cranked up. Casual listeners may want to choose a lower-priced model.


Before you consider buying the Sony MDRZ7 High-Res Stereo Headphones or any other, it’s always best to try them on for size. If you can test-drive a display model at a local store, you should. If you’re looking for high-resolution sound that makes you feel as though you’re at a live concert, this may be your best bet in the price range. The biggest complaint from headphone users is probably about the degradation of the ear pad foam.

You won’t have that problem with these headphones, but if you plan on wearing them for long periods – especially outdoors in summer – your ears may get a bit sweaty. The Sony name is synonymous with good quality and the expert workmanship that the company put into these is noticeable from the moment you open the box. The fact that you can add an amp to the headphones makes the product even more attractive to loud music lovers.
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