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The Everyday Raycon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

The Everyday Raycon Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

Wireless headphones and earbuds continue to evolve in technology, innovation, and style. In all of those categories, the Raycon earbuds are a winner. You as an audiophile or casual user of audio technology want something comfortable, sleek, and that can get the job done. In this review, we will break down why we feel that’s these earbuds may be the right fit for you.

Features of the Raycon Wireless Earbuds

raycon everyday earbuds review

While the wireless connectivity is good, the sound quality is even better. Listen to crystal clear sound and amazing deep bass. With these earbuds, you will become fully immersed in rich, high-fidelity sound. Play your favorite tunes at a comfortable sound level for your ears or blast away with those mini ear boom boxes.

These earbuds are lightweight but still very noticeable in your ears. They fit very comfortably and provide minimum to no discomfort. The design of these earbuds are created to ensure a secure fit in your ears. With ear comfort in mind, the Raycons were created for long-lasting comfort and fatigue free.

The battery life in the Raycon earbuds will provide you with up to 8 hours of playtime on a full charge. That’s a lot of music for you to consume in one sitting. Perfect for long trips, wearing at the gym, jogging, and more. You may never reach that 8-hour mark for the battery life, the Rayons come with a compact charging case. The case can charge your earbuds up to 3 times while on the go.

For those who work hard at the gym and become completely drenched in sweat will be glad to know that these earbuds are water-proof. Get caught in the rain? No worries, the Rayons utilize the latest IPX6 waterproof technology. Go ahead and face the elements without any limitations.

Additional Features

The Everyday Raycon Earbuds come in an assortment of colors to choose from. Pick either Matte Black, Blue, Red, Pink, or White. Whichever color matches your everyday swag. One of the main concerns people may be concerned about is the size and fit of the earbuds. In that department, there are no worries. Your Earbuds come with 5 sizes of Gel Tips which include XS, S, M, L, and XL.

While the carrying case is excellent for storing and charging your earphones, they are perfect to use for traveling and keeping your earbuds juiced up. The charging case can easily slide right into your pocket. The compact design looks like a large pill but is sleek and stylish. The charging case will give you up to 32 hours of use when fully charged.

Awareness mode is perfect for those individuals who want to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Let’s face it, if you get deep into a groove and start to zone out into your music or workout, your earbuds will ensure that you stay alert to your external surroundings.

What we also enjoy about these earbuds is the CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology. Similar to noise-cancellation tech, these earbuds can effectively reduce noise from your external surroundings. That way you can always have crystal clear communication with the other person on your phone.

While The Everyday Racon Wireless Earbuds have many amazing features, the overall quality of the product can still be improved upon. When handled with care and awareness, these earbuds are absolutely amazing. Great sound quality, amazing bass, and crystal clear communication on phone calls.
Sleek and Ergonomic Design.
32 hours of continues battery life with charging case.
Excellent Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
Amazing Bass and Sound Quality.
Phone calls are clear sounding.
Takes awhile to configure the correct sound settings.
May need to adjust the Gel Tips to find the correct fit.
Fragile if not handled correctly.