iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 LED Over Ear Kids Headphones Review
iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 LED Headphones Review

iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 LED Over Ear Kids Headphones Review

Looking for a fun and cool way for your children to listen to their favorite videos? Now they have the chance with the iClever LED Cat Ear Wired Headphones for Girls. These headphones are extremely affordable and work with all popular mobile and tablet devices such as the iPhone, Android, Amazon Kindle devices and more.

With the included LED functionality, wearing the iClever headphones is more exciting to wear in dark settings. The LED lights have 3 settings, steady, blink, and strobe. Whether your watching a movie with your child in their bedroom, on a air plane, or family room with the lights low, you will get to have a mini light-show to enjoy. Turning off the LED lights is as simple as pressing a button.

iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 LED Over Ear Kids Headphones Review

The Cat Ear Inspired headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. Your child will experience little to no discomfort while listening to music or watching Netflix. Because these headphones are wired, you have little to worry about when it comes to emf/radiation levels, something experienced with Bluetooth wireless headphones. Another benefit for your child are the sound levels which are automatically adjusted to safe levels at 85db.

The recommended age-range for these headphones for ages between 3 and 12. Makes the perfect gift for children looking to experience the fun of wearing LED headphones while watching their favorite internet streaming programs.

Notable Product Features:

  • Over Ear Headphone Design
  • Kid-safe Volume Limiting Technology
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Soft Comfortable Ear Pads
  • Light Weight Material and Very Durable
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Made With Food-Grade Material (Eliminating BPA and other harsh chemicals)
Overall the iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 LED Over Ear Kids Headphones make the perfect gift for any child looking for headphones to wear. Bring fun and style to your child's entertainment by giving them a pair of headphones that are safe to wear, comfortable, and full of LED fun.
Sound Quality
Safe Audio Levels for Children
Lightweight Design (Reduce Strain & Discomfort)
Fun LED Lights
Only comes in 2 different colors
Batteries are required
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