Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones Review
Sony MDRZX300 Outdoor Headphones

Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones Review

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The Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones delivers amazing sound quality for a fraction of the price compared to pricier headphones in the $200+ range. You may ask yourself why Sony would price these over ear headphones so cheap. Is it because the product itself is cheap? Or the life value of the product is relatively short? Those answers my friends are all disputable. The Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones is absolutely no slouch when it comes to top-notch sound quality and a very impressive sound range, giving you real-to-life sound at the tip of your ear drums.

Specs for the Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones

  • Closed-type supra-aural, 30mm driver unit, neodymium magnet, 1.2m cable (both-sided)
  • High quality and powerful sound
  • Enjoy clear mids and deep bass
  • Four colors to suit your style

This pair of over ear headphones is very durable and less acceptable to wear-and-tear as well as damage from accidental drops on the floor. For its very low price, durability is not an issue. Sony has made sure that their product is made of the finest material on the market. The MDRZX300 comes in a series of colors including Black, White, Blue, and Red, perfect colors for the products sleek look and design.

Comfort level for wearing these headphones is great. The pads sit comfortably right over your ears. For a pair of headphones that doesn’t state itself as a noise canceler, the Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones does an amazing job of blocking out unwanted sound while you listen to your favorite tunes. Perfect for people who have room-mates or neighbors who are audibly loud and you’re trying to study or listen to your favorite music or movies.

The headphone market is slowing transitioning itself into the wireless market using the latest Bluetooth technologies, the main reason for this is because cords tangle and provide limited movement when connected to a device. Even though these Sony headphones are wired, you will love the fact that the cord on this gadget is thick.

Try tossing your headphones around a couple of times, through in your backpack or in a box full of audio equipment, you will notice that the cord barely tangles at all. And plus about the cord is that it is very durable, rest easy knowing that you won’t have to worry about cord breakage and having to use electric tape to fix the problem. Overall, like it’s predecessor (the MDRZX110 ZX Headphones), the ZX300 is a very durable product.

How’s the sound frequency you may ask, well you will be glad to know that the bass and tremble on these headphones are awesome. Sound level is near crystal clear. While these headphones do a great job of canceling out unwanted sound, it retains the sound quality of what you are listening to. Raise the volume on your headphones and hear your music crystal clear. The bass is very deep and doesn’t sound muddy or faded.

The Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones are compatible with the latest MP3 player devices such as Apple’s iPod devices, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones, as well as other standard MP3 players, stereos, and other mobile phones with the standard input port.

One of the draw backs about these headphones is that if you like to go jogging or working out at the gym, they may slide off your head. The headphones are designed more for listening to audio casually or while commuting which requires only limited movement.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that doesn't disappoint and only amazes with its sound quality, then the Sony MDRZX300 Stereo Headphones for you. Compared to other wired headphones on the market, the cord on this device doesn't tangle and the level of comfort and durability of the product is flawless for the price low price tag being offered.
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