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Neumann KH 120 A Review

Neumann KH 120 A – Active Studio Monitor Review

Neumann KH 120 A is an Active Studio Monitor. It is the first of its kind studio monitors by Neumann, a company that has been a market leader in microphones. The product is a runaway bestseller. Listed with a high price tag, the studio monitor is available at a markdown price, making it more accessible to those on a budget. The KH 120 A is often referred to as KH120A or KH 120, is the first in what could be a series of active studio monitors. Do not be fooled by the compact size, the little wonder punches beyond its weight and form.

The main focus for this product is the accurate sound reproduction that Neumann prides itself on. When it comes to having quality studio monitors where you can have rich sound, the KH 120 A is something you should highly consider. Not all studio monitors are created equal; the KH 120 A will allow you to hear your production the correct way it’s supposed to sound.

Product Features

Neumann KH 120 A is a bi-amplified two-way monitoring speaker system. It has a 5.25” long throw woofer. There is a 1” titanium fabric dome tweeter. The tolerance precision of ± 0.5 dB is simply outstanding and producers can now efficiently image and soundstage without breaking a sweat. The rugged speaker is made of aluminum. There is no resonance as a response of the alloy to the sound produced so the enclosure does not have any colorations caused by the cabinet. The field frequency response is 52 Hz to 21 kHz with a margin of error pegged at ± 3 dB.

The Neumann KH 120 A can be used as near field loudspeaker or rear loudspeaker in multi-channel systems. The speaker system uses the latest electronic and acoustic simulation & measurement technologies. It is powered by MMD or Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide to ensure an uninfluenced off axis response. The interface is easy to work with. The amplifier has unmatched transient response, output level and dynamic range. Neumann KH 120 A is becoming integral to contemporary mastering, tracking and mixing in music as well as post production, projection and broadcasting.

The active studio monitor ensures low distortion but high frequency reproduction. There is a long throw bass driver. There is a dimmable logo display featuring two colors notifying the user of its operation status and if the extensive protection system is activated. The metal grille is sturdy enough and the system can be easily mounted in places where space is a constraint. The monitor does not retain heat, there is sufficient headroom, the vertical and horizontal dispersions provide better control for the mixer. There is a four position bass with treble and low mid acoustical controls, the input gain range and output controls simplify interfacing with different signal sources. The box comes with one KH 120 A, an operating manual and quick start guide, two mains cables and four self-adhesive feet.

Overall the Neumann KH 120 A Active Studio Monitor is a product that is highly recommend for one of the best sound reproduction experiences ever. Having the ability to hear your music the correct way is an integral part for translating that sound onto other output devices such as stereo systems, mobile phones, mp3 players, and a lot more. With a hefty price tag, you are paying for quality which matters above all else.
Sound Quality
Product Features
Can be used as a near-field or rear loudspeaker
Accurate sound reproduction
Compact size & design
Only 1 studio monitor
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