DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker Review
DOSS Touch Wireless Portable Speaker

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker Review

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Music lovers are always on the lookout on how they can get the next best thing in terms of speakers. In this fast paced world, we are always on the move and we would like our music to be there with us as we travel around.

The DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass (Black) is such a product that targets this particular section of the audience. To understand the proposition a little better, we will review some of its features and whether the users felt it was worth their time or not.

Features and Pros

One of the key features that serves this device well is the Bluetooth wireless connectivity that can link the speaker to your device of choice like your smartphone, laptop etc. With its Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity, it offers compatibility with most of the latest devices and boasts an impressive range of 33 feet. Coming to the main feature that is the sound itself, the sound quality is generally good.

DOSS Touch Wireless Portable SpeakerIt has the 360 degree sound feature that ensure that sound is distributed evenly in all directions. The 2 6-watt speakers do more than a good job at ensuring that you keep rocking to your favorite tunes. It is also a great way to hold your conference calls as well as it can act as a speakerphone once paired with your smartphone. Another important feature that sets it apart from the crowd is its long lasting battery life.

Normally wireless speakers show their battery life specifications at 50% which is not a true reflection of the battery life of the device. This is because normally we hardly play any music at 50% so it cannot be considered as a good parameter of normal working conditions. What the DOSS Touch speaker does is show its battery life at 75% which is much more reasonable number. Staying true to its word, it delivers 12 hours of back time on a single charge.

This is more than capable of lasting a prolonged session even at 100% volume. To complement the battery life, the charging is not too bad either with the battery reaching 100% in 3-4 hours’ time. Finally, last but not the least, the visual aspect of the speaker can be deemed as a strength of the speaker as well. It is not too flashy but the simple and futuristic look definitely suits this device.

Cons and Issues

Coming to some of the misgivings of the DOSS Touch speaker, there has been a few complaints regarding the speaker. The touch screen controls at times are not very responsive and may need additional effort to make the changes of your choice.

Furthermore, there have been some reports where the speaker automatically skips the music. This can be quite annoying and can ruin the mood created by the music. Along with this particular problem, some pairing problems are being experienced as well. Certain devices, like the iPhone, do have a hard time pairing with it.

Sound Quality
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