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Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers Review

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers Review

Bose has long been regarded as one of the best audio hardware manufacturers on the planet, producing headphones, speakers, and complete sound systems for consumers and serious audiophiles that obliterate the competition.

For a long time, however, Bose products would set you back an arm and a leg to soak up all of the incredible sound fidelity their hardware made possible.

Today, with the new Bose Companion 2 Series III multimedia speakers, you’re able to get the same high quality sound you’re expecting from Bose hardware without breaking your bank account into tiny little pieces.

These speakers are relatively compact and perfect for a desktop experience, can pair together with your mobile devices, and open up a world of extensibility thanks to the built-in auxiliary port components you can utilize an almost unlimited amount of ways.


Tech Specs

Featuring a dual set up of speakers (both a left and right channel that include “simulated” front and rear channels as well), these Bose sound components are going to blow you away with the crispness of the audio that they are capable of producing.

Unlike a lot of the other multimedia speakers you can pick up at this price point, these Bose speakers are able to authentically replicate highs, lows, and bass features without any “noise” penetrating into your overall listening experience. This is all possible thanks to the True Space digital audio processing built into these Bose speakers, the heartbeat and foundation of system.

Bose Speakers Usage

Final Verdict
All things considered, the folks at Bose have produced another set of top-notch multimedia sound components that aren’t going to blow holes in your bank account.

For right around $100 you simply won’t find a better set of speakers anywhere, and you certainly won’t find any speakers that feature the legendary hardware, digital processing, and longevity/fidelity of Bose products.
Sound Quality
Product Features
Though they do not include a built-in subwoofer, you’d swear they do because of how heavy the bass is when you dial these in
Hi, mid, and low sound frequencies aren’t going to get lost in “sound soup” when you fire up these Bose speakers
The simplified control scheme, easy to access hardware ports, and obvious headphones/auxiliary components make setting up your new Bose sound system about as straightforward as can be
Though these speakers simulate 5.1 surround sound, it isn’t authentic 5.1 and is noticeable if you have a finely developed year for these kinds of things
Wireless connectivity would have been a big bonus, but isn’t available on these Bose sound system speakers
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