Best BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review
Best BOHM headphones

Best BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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The BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a one of the industry’s leading brand of headphones. They have a host of advanced features which place them above and beyond many other competing brands in the market.


One of such features is the Active Noise Cancelling feature which Active Noise Cancelling effectively shield the user from ambient noise and lets them experience the full complement of sound just as the recording artistes intended it to be. These headphones also feature the superior Bluetooth 4.0 which actively supports HSP, AVRCP, HFP and A2DP which enable the user to enjoy a truly wireless experience.

Wireless connections can be made from a compatible PC, smartphone or tablet to these headphones and subsequently, music can be streamed wirelessly to the Bluetooth headphones across a maximum range of 33 feet.

The sound quality is very good too, all thanks to the Premium Stereo Drivers in the headphones. The bass, mids & high tones all come off great on these quality headset’s 20 Hz – 20 KHz frequency range.

Best BOHM wireless headphonesThe battery life of the BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth headphones last for an average of 18 hours with the rechargeable battery requiring a 3-hour charging time. Once fully charged, you can get as much as 16 full hours of playtime (or 18 hours of talk time). This is very impressive to say the least when weighed against the fact that the average headphones have a battery of about 15 hours!

These headphones make it very convenient to receive calls while listening to music considering that the user can answer any incoming calls on the Stereo headphones and once the call is terminated, the music immediately resumes from where it stopped right before the phone call came in. It is very compatible with a lot of the most popular phone brands, especially with Apple iPhones and Android mobile smartphones and devices.

Within the shipped product package, there are a few accessories that make this product easier to use and transport. For instance, there is a carrying case as well as a USB charging cable. There is also a connecting cable with a microphone in the package which comes in handy when Bluetooth is not available or not desired by the user.

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  • Brand – BOHM
  • Product Shipping Weight – 1.8 pounds
  • Product Model Number – B-66
  • Color – Black/Silver
  • Fit – On-Ear
  • Characteristics – Noise cancellation


Be sure to check out the review for the latest B76 Headphones from BÖHM. The newer version takes what is already great and further improves on all the features. Having that enjoyable listening experience just got better.

The BÖHM Wireless Headphones are really impressive headphone brand in my humble opinion. I say that because I find their sound quality to be of stellar quality and this fact becomes even more apparent when they are wirelessly connected to a music player and music is streamed onto the headphones.

I find the bass tones to be well-balanced and not over the top. The mids and highs are equally good. Pricing should not be a deterrent for anyone who truly appreciates good quality sound reproduction in a set of headphones. They currently retail for under $100, which is cheaper than many other competing brands in the market.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone as I love the overall quality of these Bluetooth headphones.
Sound Quality
This product has an impressive sound quality
It has a good, solid build
They are very comfortable to wear without causing discomfort
They have Active Noise Cancellation feature
It has a long battery life of an estimated 18 hours
It has Bluetooth connectivity
There is no play/pause button on the headphones
The metal frame of the headphones look flimsy
The Active Noise Cancelling feature on this product could be better
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