Beats Mixr On-Ear David Guetta Headphones Review
Best Beats Mixr Headphones

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones Review

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Many will argue that the some of the first generation set of Beats headphones were a bit subpar in terms of quality and the choice of materials used in their construction. The same cannot be said about the Beats Mixr On-Ear headphones.

Beats headphones have forged a solid reputation for themselves about their bold and eye catching designs. This one is no exception.

This powerful headset was designed for DJs and was inspired by the artist DJ David Guetta.

Beats Mixr Features

The plastic headband provides a great deal of flexibility and the rotary hinges provide mobility through a 270 degree range. The design is highly efficient and comfortable to wear.

This product is much sturdier and the arch appears to be solid and well-articulated. This sturdy design is to be expected considering the fact that his headset is intended for use by DJs and as such, it needs to be built to tough enough to withstand the stress of daily use. It was designed with a housing that is able to withstand the abuse that goes with working long hours alongside a professional disc jockey.

At the same time, it was designed with materials which permit it to be folded easily when being taken from one spot to the next. The headphones of the Mixr swivel and rotate backward for a more personal and comfortable use as desired by the user.

David Guetta Headphones by BeatsAs these are mostly designed for use as DJ headphones, the ear buds of this product are articulated such that they can swivel forwards through a 90 degree range and 180 degrees backwards into its storage position. All the swiveling action poses no threat whatsoever to the flat cable of the headphone and stretches up to 1.3 meters in length.

They would be perfect for use in very noisy environments as that was one of the factors put into consideration during the design process. This would come in handy for DJs at parties when they are trying to move the audience and get the party going. The Beats Mixr DJ headphones will deliver a very deep bass even at a very high sound level.

The ear cups of the Beats Mixr headphones have a dual input connectors through which the two accompanying cables in the product package can be attached for sharing audio content. The package contains a 1.3 meter long cable suited for attachment to iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones and devices. There is a second DJ audio cable in the package which is more suitable for use on the turntables.

There is a fairly substantial change in sound reproduction in Beats Mixr compared to other Beats headphones. The level is very high at the bottom of the spectrum, before it reduces in the low-mid tones. The mediums are quite low as well, while the level goes back up again as you’re gradually approaching 2 kHz.

Answering telephone calls with this headset is a breeze and switching from listening to music to making/receiving phone calls is facilitated by the presence of the RemoteTalk cable on the product unit.

A semi-hard case is shipped along with the product package for easier portability. Aided by its light weight, these headphones can be easily folded and fit into this carry case and lugged around easily wherever you are going.


  • Best Beats Mixr HeadphonesProduct Weight – 7.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight – 2.8 pounds
  • Dimensions – 5.28 x 9.14 x 6.86 inches
  • Color – Black (Others Colors: Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, and Yellow)
  • Headphones Type – Closed
  • Speakers – Dynamic
  • Cable Length – 1.3 m
  • Fit – On-Ear
  • Batteries – Yes (1 Lithium ion batteries required)
  • Type of Jack – 3.5 mm
  • NFC – No
  • Bluetooth – No
  • FM radio – No
  • Custom Cable – Yes
  • Custom helmet – No
  • Microphone – Yes
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – 1 year limited warranty



The Beats Mixr On-Ear headphones is as good a true professional set of headphones as you will ever find. It has lovely ergonomics. The Mixr is really durable and robust by any standards. The finishing is also worthy of mention here.

Although many users have found it to be a little bass heavy, it wold be a worthwhile investment to own these headphones.
Sound Quality
It is a sturdy product made from good quality materials
It is very durable as it was designed to last
It is light in weight and it folds easily
It has daisy chain connectors
It has good sound rendering
The bass is a bit heavy on some genres of music
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