Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphone Review
Beats Pro Over Ear Headphones

Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones Review

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In more recent years, headphones are no longer just an everyday gadget for enjoying music. They have become a fashion accessory and for many others, they have even become a status symbol. In view of this trend, the manufacturer of these headphones, Monster Cable and the hip hop mogul, Dr. Dre, decided to develop a headset that stands out from rest of the pack in terms of value and quality.

They aimed to create, on one hand, a range of high-end headphones such as the Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphone, and on the other hand, also try to promote brand awareness.

Needless to say, headphones from Beats have acquired a very good reputation, which, of course, implies that all their customers will have high expectations from their product offerings. The Beats Pro by Dr. Dre do not disappoint considering the many test reports that they have undergone.


Product Dimensions – 5 x 6.8 x 9.8 inches Product shipping weight – 3.1 pounds Product’s weight – 14.1 ounces Product model number – BT OV PRO WHT Type – Dynamic, closed Driver – 40 mm

Cable type – OFC, detachable cable Cable length – 1.3m Plug – 3.5mm Material – Aluminium Ear pads material – Plastic


The Beats Pro over-ear headphone is a reference point in headphones designed by audio professionals for audio professionals. These headphones are a picture of excellent workmanship and were manufactured using strong, yet lightweight materials that are of great quality; primarily steel and aluminum.

The gunmetal aluminum frame of this product makes it a bit chunky, even though they are very comfortable.

They have sound-insulating in-ear cushions that allow the user to enjoy the superb sounds of the headphones without being distracted by external noises.

Silver Beats Pro Headphones

For starters, the headphones have fold-able ear cups which allow the DJ to listen to the music mix on one ear and on the other, the room’s acoustics. The feature of the headphones being fold-able makes for easy storage and transportation.

There is also the possibility of plugging a cable into either or both the left and right ear cup. This is a very handy feature for DJs. If the cable is plugged into the left one, for instance, the signal is looped through the connection to the right ear cup. This implies that another person can easily plug in via the input cable port to listen to the sound mix.

As for the sound, the Beats Pro over-ear headphones have a very good, detailed overall sound but they also have a dominant bass. The notes are beautifully-balanced, rich and bassy without actually overwhelming the treble.

These headphones were designed to preserves the original studio quality and integrity and they serve this purpose commendably.

In particular, proponents of a clear and neat but powerful sound will like this product. With dual input and output ports on the cable of the Beats Pro you will be able to share mixes by linking to a similar monster headphones.

The Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones are very stylish and comfortable headset with a strong bass. Overall, we can state that the Beats Pro by Dr. Dre is a good choice for demanding DJs and music producers because it combines practical features with a good sound and a robust construction.
Sound Quality
They have an aesthetically appealing design as well as detailed production
They do a great job of noise cancellation despite the fact that they do not have an active noise-cancellation feature
The fold-able design of the headphones is a welcome addition as it makes it easier to store and transport
Being high-end headphones, they are quite expensive
The weight of the headphones is somewhat heavy
Sometimes, the audio quality output tends to falter at louder volumes
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