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Total - Can't You See

Total – Can’t You See (Official Music Video)

At the epa center of 90’s music, the R&B group Total sings a banger called “Can’t You See”. Topping the billboard chart at #3 (1995) on the Hip-Hop/R&B category, the track “Can’t You See” gave off an amazing hip-hop energy and with the groups soulful singing style, made the overall song an automatic hit. Having the addition of Biggie Smalls on track opened Total to wider audience especially in music clubs which can make or break any new group or artist looking for major success.

Music & Video Credits:

Song: Can’t You See (1995)
Artist: Total Featuring Biggie Smalls
Album: Total
Writers: Christopher Wallace, Sean Combs, Rashad Smith, Terri Robinson, Herb Middleton, Joseph Howell, Randal Ryan, Mark South, Terry Williams, James Brown
Producers: Rashad Smith of The Hitmen, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Herb Middleton, and Chucky Thompson