Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones Review
Gold Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones

Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones Review

If you’re the shy, retiring type, the Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones might not be for you. They’re a bright gold color with black earpads, and they’ll turn heads wherever you go. They have a swivel hinge on the earpieces like DJ headphones do, so you can lift one side up to hear a live conversation without taking them off. The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones are built for today’s music, with a deep, powerful low end that favors hip-hop beats.


  • Over the ear high-fidelity DJ-style headphones
  • Passive noise-canceling design
  • 10 x 5.63 x 6.75 inches
  • Detachable cables
  • Weighs 2.2 ounces
  • Shipping weight 2.2 pounds
  • Comes with carrying pouch

Features and Benefits

The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones are bulkier looking than many over the ear headphones. Most of that is due to the very heavy closed-cell foam that Monster uses on the earpieces and on the crown of the headband. Despite their chunky appearance, they’re as light as any closed earpiece headphones on the market. The headband looks like it might be tiresome to wear for long periods, but the thick padding makes it fit snugly without digging in to your head. If you like to wear your headphones around your neck when you’re not using them, the Monster headphones are comfortable against the back of your neck, too.

Many headphone manufacturers achieve portability by making their product fold up into a small package, but Monster figures that their customers will simply wear their headphones around their neck when they’re not using them, and outfits their 24K models with earpieces that swivel up, DJ-style. It’s a good design, and in keeping with the way people actually use headphones today.

Monster 24K Over-Ear HeadphonesThe Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones don’t have active noise cancellation, but that’s pretty standard at their price point. Their passive noise cancellation works as well as any competing model. The earpieces on the 24K fit very snugly to the head without binding or pinching, but users should be aware that even though you can’t hear much of what’s going on outside the headphones while you’re listening to music or phone calls, sound still leaks out of the earpieces to people sitting nearby.

The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones delivers thumping bass response that can recreate the bottom end of today’s hip-hop music. The contour of the mid range and highs is diminished lightly to accommodate extra bass, but in general the sound is crisp, clear, and powerful.



The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones get overwhelmingly high marks from reviewers. A remarkable 75 percent of reviewers give the 24K five full stars for their performance and comfort. The Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones are priced right in the middle of the luxury headphone market, and deliver performance even better than you’d expect for their price tag.
Sound Quality
Outrageous gold-plated look makes you stand out in the crowd
Some of the lightest headphones on the market
Heavily padded earpieces are comfortable when worn for hours at a time
Passive noise cancellation works well
DJ-style hinged earpieces make joining a live conversation easy
Detachable cables
Control talk inline controls let you switch back and forth from music to phone
Sound leaks out of the headphones easily
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