Bose Sound True Headphones Around-Ear Style Review
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Bose Sound True Headphones Around-Ear Style Review

Enjoy Music with Precision with Bose Sound True Headphones Around-Ear Style

There are various brands of headphones accessible on the market and are designed specifically to provide comfort to the ears while listening music. The ear cups of the Bose Sound True Headphones Around-Ear Style are sealed and for the purpose to cut off the wearer from ambient sound. The headphones feature with a detachable cord, and the headphones can be folded flat easily. The best part is that the headphones of Bose brand provide access to detailed sound and is possible through well defined bass. The Bose Sound True Headphones Around-Ear Style headphones are a branded version of AE2 as well as AE2i headphones, and it is accessible in various mesmerizing colors on the market.

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Important Features of Bose Headphones

These brilliant headphones can be purchased easily from your local Walmart, Best Buy or Target stores as well as online outlets like Amazon and can be placed on your head for hours without causing any discomfort. They are quite light in weight with product dimensions which include 167.6 x 15.2 x 19 cm. It is worth the money paid for purchasing these headphones as it provides great sound quality, and utilizes a comfy design. The headphones can be purchased in a black color or various other available colors, even though it has just been recently launched a year ago in 2014. The weight of this electronic product is just 181 grams and it does not require any batteries for its functioning. It is a durable product with a soft padded headband and an amazing style for the person wearing the headphones.

Positive Features of Around-Ear Style Headphones

The Bose Sound True Headphones Around-Ear Style headphones of Bose brand are safe to use as they do not cause any harm to the ears, and are extremely stylish looking headphones that work efficiently well and provide good clarity of sound. Purchasing this brand of headphones is a good investment as they are quality products that can be accomplished at affordable prices, and can be widely used for recreational purposes. They can fit easily into the carrying case that comes with the product, and they also can fit inside a purse, and be carried easily to places you desire. They help block the noise from the outside while listening to music or while watching a movie with these headphones over the ear. The sound effect produced by using these headphones is crystal clear, and is a useful and functional item one should have with them. The Bose Around-Ear Style Headphones are compatible with multiple devices. They can be used along with the computer, iPod, android phone like the Nexus 4, and Google Phone and even an iPad.

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Product Details

  • Headphone dimensions: 7.5” H x 6” W x 1.5” D (19.1 cm x 15.2 cm x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight with cable: 4.9 oz (140 g)
  • Cord length: 66” (167.6 cm)
  • Ear cushion: 3.8” H x 2.9” W (9.6 cm x 7.4 cm)


Bose Over Ear headphones


The weight of the Bose Sound True Headphones that have softly padded earphones is not much, and you can enjoy natural music at your best in a relaxed manner. They are compact stereo systems that are quite popular, and are accessible both as around ear style as well as on-ear style headphones. In the Around-Ear style headphones the microphone as well as the remote is optimized for the iOS, and are accessible in flashy as well as passive styles. The standard eye-catching color that can be obtained easily is black and it is also obtainable in colors like mint, white and a combo of black and mint.

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