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Scott Storch - Still Storch Documentary

Scott Storch – Still Storch (Vevo Original) Documentary

Scott Storch is considered one of the legendary hip-hop producers of our time. He has produced tracks for music artist such as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Fat Joe, 50 Cent and has worked along song producers such as Dr. Dre (creator of Beats Audio).

Storch’s troubled past with drugs caused him to disappear from the music scene and take a step back in life. As many people (have and or will) experience as they get older, their are moments of weakness where you will experience something new or give into temptation. For people introduced to new wealth, a feeling of entitlement or invincibility will kick in.

It takes a serious event in your life for your world to coming crashing down, bringing you back to reality. Overall, if you make it through your own “chaos” and learn from those mistakes, you usually come back as a much stronger and more focused individual. In the documentary, Scott Storch explains his success and failures, and shows us a brief preview of his comeback in the music game.

Video Credits:

A Rollo Jackson Film in Association with Somesuch
Director of Photography: Bobby Shore
Editor: Adam Biskupski
Producer: Tarquin Glass
Director: Rollo Jackson

Executive Producers:
Joseph Patel, Justin Prager, Steve Lobel, Sarah Pearson, Sally Campbell, Tim Nash, Nathan Scherrer, Tom Connaughton, JP Evangelista