Overview of Sennheiser Headphones, Products, and Vision
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Overview of Sennheiser Headphones, Products, and Vision

With over 65 years in the business, Sennheiser’s use of innovative science has them at the top of their game in the world of sound. This company has set new standards for their integrated line of Microphones, headphones, wired microphone and monitoring systems, conference and information technology, products for assisted listening, and aviation headsets suitable for just about anything you could dream of doing with reproduction, transmission and recording of sound. Their tailor-made solutions and efforts to deliver true sound you can feel have made their name synonymous with top quality sound equipment for decades.

Sennheiser produces a large line of headphones which delve into every aspect of sound delivery possible. Not only do they produce headphones for the average and every day user, this company manufactures professional level sound equipment for use in studios all over the world. With features such as ActiveGard® to protect against extreme peaks in audio, operation at an intuitive level, and rich studio quality sound, Sennheiser professional studio grade headphones are the way to go for any studio. Addition of a Sennheiser studio companion microphone will have any studio superstar worthy and ready for the next upcoming star.

For the home user, Sennheiser has taken your active and busy lifestyle into consideration. Product lines designed specifically for spot use are rain and sweat resistant, sturdy, and offer options available with custom fit and premium level comfort. The natural sound quality these headphones provide are the perfect work out companion regardless of the form of exercise you crave.

Sennheiser’s noise cancelling headsets offer up great sound quality combined with elimination of environmental noise for all of those daily commutes or long trips. After all, you want to listen to music, not the obnoxious passenger sitting three rows ahead of you, right? These headphones make traveling a much more enjoyable experience with wired or wireless options, offering up fabulous sound with ultimate comfort.

With so many of us using our portable devices within our homes and on the move, Sennheiser has made great quality sound available in every design from full-size cir-cum-aural headphones to ultra-lightweight ear-canal phones and many options available with Bluetooth® to ensure you get the best sound quality on all of your devices, wherever you are.

For the home theater enthusiast, no longer will you have to worry about disrupting the neighbors or your family members while you kick back to watch a movie or enjoy the latest game. Sennheiser’s wide range of products offers up a vast array of high quality, high performance headsets to suit your home theater set up enabling you the ability to crank up the volume while leaving other members of your household in blissful silence. Ultra comfort gaming headsets come complete with fabulous quality microphones so you can have your head in the game for hours on end, enjoying the rich sound of your game and the communication between you and your team mates.

Sennheiser has taken everyone’s listening enjoyment into consideration throughout their line including those requiring assisted listening devices such as hearing aids. Their infrared and RF stereo listening systems are sure to deliver the high quality sound anyone requires without the need to raise the volume on your TV or home theater equipment.

Need a high quality headset for VoIP, telephony or multimedia use such as Skype? Sennheiser has this aspect of sound covered as well. Rich sound and voice quality with noise reduction features and high levels of comfort make this brand a great source of equipment for conference calls, podcasts, and have great call quality for both at home use and professional use applications.

Aviation headsets by Sennheiser reduce cockpit noise interference while providing high quality voice communications with ultra-noise cancelling for supreme levels of speech communication. Designed with the aviation field in mind, these headsets provide the comfort and capability to enable crucial communication with great features and high comfort levels for those long flights.

Regardless of what you need from a headset, whether it be business communications, aviation, accessibility to the hearing impaired, or pure enjoyment, Sennheiser seems to have a headset for just about anyone.