How To Use 4k Video Downloader To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3
Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

How To Use 4k Video Downloader To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Are you looking for software that can download an entire YouTube Playlist into MP3 Files? With 4K Video Downloader you are able to do just that. You can download any Playlist from any YouTube channel on the web. You also have the ability to download songs from individual videos as well. Once downloaded, you will be able to upload the music to your favorite music players such as CD’s, DVD’s, MP3 Player, iPhone, iPod’s, Android devices, and much more.

4K Video Downloader

How To Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

  1. Download The Software From (Available for PC, MAC, Linux)
  2. Install the software and add a shortcut to your desktop
  3. Open a tab in your web browser and head over to YouTube to search for either a Video, Playlist, or Channel you would like to download and convert to MP3
  4. Once you find your selection, have that page open. Goto your URL Address Bar, select the entire address, right click, then select ‘Copy
  5. Open the 4K Video Downloader software
  6. Click on the Green Plus button called ‘Paste Link‘. This will automatically paste your selection (video, playlist, or channel) into 4K Video Downloader software
  7. A popup box will appear on the screen where it will allow you to adjust settings for your MP3 file(s)
  8. In the first dropdown box, select ‘Extract Audio‘. In the format dropdown box, select ‘MP3’.
  9. Choose your sound quality. (I recommend selecting ‘Original Quality‘)
  10. Choose the destination (on your computer or portable storage) you would like to save your file into, then click on ‘Extract

Once you have successfully downloaded and converted your YouTube video(s) into MP3, you are now able to upload your file(s) to a music listening device of your choice. Want to convert videos from other social channels such as Vimeo, Facebook, and Soundcloud? 4K Downloader also gives you the ability to do so.