How To Play Video Game Consoles With Sound On A Computer Monitor
Play Console Games With Sound on Computer Monitor

How To Play Video Game Consoles (PS4, Xbox One, NSW) With Sound On A Computer Monitor

If you ever wanted to use a computer monitor to play your console games, now it’s your chance too. Follow this guide and you will easily be able to play video games using your computer monitor.

Positives of using a computer monitor:

  • It free’s up the television in the house
  • Allows you to connect to any compatible desktop monitor.
  • Connect to any audio speaker that has an aux port
  • Gives you the option to use any pair of headphones

If your monitor has no audio speakers

What you need:

*If your computer monitor does not have an HDMI port but has a DVI-D port, than instead of the HDMI to HDMI cable, you will need the ** HDMI (Male) to DVI-D (Male) Cable – See on Amazon.

Setting up Your Monitor

  1. Plug the Optical Audio Cable into your game console and into the Audio Converter.
  2. Plug the Audio Cable into the Audio Converter
  3. For Speakers – Plug the Aux Cable (Male) into the Audio Cable Port (Female)
  4. For Headphones – Plug the headphones aux cord into the Audio Cable Port (Female)
  5. Turn on your game console
  6. Depending on the monitor, on the screen, a message will flash asking for you to adjust your refresh-rate or screen resolution. Apply the new setting.


Now you know how to play your game consoles on any computer monitor with sound. For a soundless monitor to have sound you need to acquire an audio converter and a optical audio cable. Optical audio cables are used for surround sound and home theater stereo systems.

Play Video Game Consoles With Sound On A Computer Monitor