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Bluetooth Adapter by ZEXMTE

ZEXMTE Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter for PC Review

Let’s face it, everything is going wireless. With the total elimination of wired communication becoming a reality in the near future, you should be prepared to join the ride.

One popular wireless technology that continues dominate the short range communication category is Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to connect or transfer data between two devices (from a short distance). With the ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to connect wireless devices to your desktop or laptop computer in an instant.

Some of the devices that are used wirelessly with computers (but are not limited to) are cell phones, tablet devices, headphones, mouse, keyboards, speakers, gaming controllers, and more. By using the USB adapter, you can quickly start listening to music or audio books wirelessly.

To get started, you simply plug in the Bluetooth Adapter in any available USB port, insert the CD Rom that was included, and begin to install the drivers for the adapter. Some computers will already have drivers that enable Bluetooth connectivity (check your computer manual for more details) and some devices may require additional drivers to function correctly.

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Product Features:

The Bluetooth Adapter supports a maximum transfer rate up to 3Mbps and a transmission distance up to 33ft. The Bluetooth USB Adapter also knows as Bluetooth Dongle can work with any PC that is running the latest version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The USB Bluetooth adapter utilizes the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and features a low energy (BLE) technology, making it compatible with Bluetooth versions 1 to 3.

Not Compatible With:

This adapter can not be used on televisions (even if the TV has USB ports). The dongle is compatible with only PC computers which excludes Mac and Linux operating systems. The Bluetooth adapter may look similar to a wireless adapter for a mouse or keyboard but is not the same. Wireless mouse/keyboards use 2.4G wireless technology, usually found in house phones and remote controls.

Overall the Wireless Bluetooth Adapter by ZEXMTE is a highly recommended and affordable product. Connect your entertainment devices wirelessly to your computer with little to no headache. Now you can watch YouTube videos in private, engineer/master songs in peace, or listen to music without the distraction or entanglements any wires. Order yours today directly from Amazon.
Product Quality
Works on Windows PC's
Excellent for Wireless Headphones & Speakers
Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
Transfers upto 33ft of data at 3Mbps
Compatible with older versions of Bluetooth v1 to v3
Not compatible with Mac and Linux
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