Razer Kraken PRO Gaming Headphones Review
Razer Kragen Pro Gaming Headset Review

Razer Kraken PRO Gaming Headphones Review

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The Razer Kraken is a good headset for gamers. With its optional colors to choose from such as blue, bright green, purple, red, orange, and black colors, it is really hard to miss it. Although, some may consider it to be a bit imposing, it is still very comfortable to wear. The Razer Kraken Pro is very convincing in terms of the finish. The helmet is certainly that of plastic, even at the level of the internal structure where the notches are. Despite this fact, it still gives a nice solid feel.

Like some of its predecessors, the Razer Kraken Pro headset is the result of extensive research and testing done with professional players in real gaming conditions to ascertain the ideal headphone weight for long gaming sessions.

Features of Kraken Pro

The big ear cups of the headphones are well padded and cover the ears adequately. After wearing them for several hours on the ears, some users may experience some degree of heat originating from the ear cups, but assuredly, it is not unbearable. The heat is largely due to the use of artificial leather on the pads in place of velvet.

With regards to the sound quality of this product, the sound from the headphones exhibits a nice bump at the bottom of the spectrum, and there is a plunge in the mid-range.

These headphones have powerful speakers and provide good sound insulation for an exceptional audio quality from games. The 40 mm speakers fitted with neodymium magnets are able to issue medium and high treble alongside deep and powerful bass.

The ear pads covering the ears, create fantastic sound isolation to allow the user stay focused on the live gaming action or conversation without being disturbed by noises coming from external sources.

The left atrium of this product is equipped with a fully retractable microphone. The flexibility of this microphone makes it possible to move them around as desired.

The output level of the headphones is very high and hardly gets distorted. Necessary caution should be taken so as not to push the volume too high. So when listening to music with this headset, you can slightly increase the mid-range and treble equalizer on the player or smartphone.

The sound signature of the headphone is better suited to music genres such as modern style music (rap, rock, electro etc) than jazz or classical music.

If you connect the Kraken to a player or a smartphone, the length of the cable (1.3 meters) is more than enough for you to be free to move around. Conversely, this length may not be enough if you connect the device to a desktop PC.

Fortunately, Razer provides an extension cable of two meters in length. This extension is fitted with an audio/mic splitter adapter for the benefit of users who have desktop PCs / laptops that have distinct audio output and microphone input ports. This incorporated splitter adapter facilitates having a devoted mic input and sound output.


  • Product Description – Razer Kraken Pro – headset
  • Product Type – Headset
  • Headphones Form Factor – Ear-cup
  • Connectivity Technology – Wired
  • Product Dimensions – 9.3 x 8.5 x 4.3 inches
  • Product Shipping Weight – 1.4 pounds
  • Item model number – RZ04-00870100-R3U1


  • Frequency response of Headphones – 20 to 20,000 Hertz
  • Impedance – 32 ohms (at 1 kHz)
  • Sensitivity – 110
  • Drivers – 40 millimeters
  • Diaphragm – 40 mm

The Microphone

  • Microphone – Boom
  • Frequency response – 100 – 10 KiloHertz
  • Signal/noise ratio – 52 decibells
  • Sensitivity (@1kHz, 1V/Pa) – (-40 ± 3dB)
  • Pick-up configuration – unidirectional

The Hardware Specification

  • Inner ear cup diameter – 50 mm
  • Cable length – 1.3 m
  • Product Weight – 0.65 lbs
  • Connector – Analogue 3.5 mm combined jack (mic and headphone)



Kraken Review
On the physical side, there are no criticisms for the Razer Kraken Pro. In spite of it being plastic, it has a good finish and nice solid feel. Wearer comfort is also satisfactory, as is the retractable microphone.
Sound Quality
It is an excellent product of very good quality and is ideal for games
Has excellent retractable, integrated microphone
Very comfortable to wear during extended gaming sessions
It is cheap when compared to other headphones with similar features
Good sound insulation. The closed architecture coupled with faux leather provides good attenuation of background noise
Compatible with smart phones and PCs
The sound output can sometimes sound muddled up
It’s made of plastic material
The bass can be overwhelming on occasion
The microphone is not well-insulated from external noise
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