JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphones Review

JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphones Review

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Exclusive Features of JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphones

The JVC HARX9300 brand of headphones comprises of high-grade features and has been recently launched in the market to help you enjoy the effects of music through the use of this compatible electronic product.  The specialty of this JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphones that is fitted with acoustic lens is that it is now a necessity for a recreational audiophile.

It does not cause any harm to the ears, even with high volume as it does not sound loud and can be used for long hours to hear music as well as while watching movies. The headphones are designed very well and its build is also very good. It is an excellent and durable product that comprises of a long cable making it easier to hear songs on the move.

Important Specifications and Features

The exclusive features of the JVC brand headphone are that these headphones comprise of 50Mm Neodymium Driver, and they are designed in two constructions that are quite advanced. The first design consists of the ring port structure and the other is the acoustic lens structure.  The ring port structure is designed in a way that it provides high-quality dynamic sound effects that is crisp. Moreover, the other structure is known to generate resonance through utilization of acoustic lenses that are specifically engineered. The most important specification that needs special mention is the stress dispersal Mesh Head padding that is designed in this headphone especially to provide comfort to the ears without causing any pain.

The other advantage of using this JVC HARX900 High-Grade Full-Size Headphones is that it does not move from its place and provides extra comfort to the person hearing music. The dimension of this electronic product is 7 x 6 x 2 inches; 12.8 ounces and it is accessible easily in the market specifically in black color. It has been launched in the market recently and attaining this dynamic brand through online sources is very easy.

Positive Features

The headphones is provided with flexible cups that go above the ears and particularly to provide a comfortable fit, whilst an anxiety dispersal net head pad allows for extended time of wear as well as easy listening.  The headphones are known to be compatible with various devices and it can be made usable by making use of a 6.3mm adapter plug. The length of the cord is about 11.48 feet and it is accessible at great prices.


JVC HARX900 Headphones Review

Reviews by Customers

The verdict provided by customers is that purchasing this model is a pleasure, as it produces multi-directional as well as clear sound. The width and height of the headphones can be adjusted easily according to the requirement and the pure copper cord is mainly used in this product for reduction of loss of broadcast. You can purchase this product and even gain a warranty for one year to change the parts of the product or to gain services if any problem exists. It is a portable headphone that is specifically designed with a frequency response of 7-26,000 Hz, and can be attained in black and gray colors easily.




Sound Quality
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