JBL Lightning Headphones (Reflect Aware) Review
JBL Reflect Aware Lighting Headphones

JBL Lightning Headphones (Reflect Aware) Review

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Trying Out the JBL Reflect Aware Lighting Headphones

The release of Apple’s new iPhone 7 took the world by storm and for a moment all everyone was talking about. But the new smartphone by Apple was not accepted with open arms and big smiles by everyone, the reason being that Apple decided to eradicate the headphone jack altogether and replace it with….. nothing. Almost everyone had their say on this matter and the promotion of wireless technology by the world renowned organization, most being against the notion. But everyone still bought it.

So if you are the proud owner of an iPhone 7 or 7 plus and do not want to use wireless headphones, what do you do? You get Lightning Connector headphones. Let’s take a look at the JBL Reflect Aware Lightning Headphones.

Some Notable Features

JBL Reflect Aware Lighting Headphones

First of all, the design of the headphones is different from standard earphones; the tip of the headphones are wider and oval shaped instead of crafted in a circle for the audio outlet. This oval shape helps the earphone tip to fit better in the ear and thus it is prevented from falling out time and time again.

The other attribute is their noise cancelling capability. The JBL Reflect Aware Lightning Headphones cancel external noise so whatever audio you are listening to sounds crystal clear and you face no distractions, although there are a few doubts on its actual potential to do so.

The bass in these headphones is loud and amplified and while that is a good thing for when you are in noisy areas, for example when working out, it is not as suitable for situations when you want to enjoy the music. The ample bass tends to drown out other parts of the music you are listening to.

You can download the companion app and control the specifics from over there. The in-line remote on the headphones works quite efficiently as well.

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Technical Features and Specs

  • Connection- Lightning Connector
  • Noise Cancellation- Yes
  • Adaptive Noise Control- Yes
  • Connection- Apple Lightning Connector
  • Drivers- 8 mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Frequency Response- 10 Hz- 22 kHz


JBL Review
While the construction of the pair is great and the feel of the tips is sublime, there is little to be excited about regarding the actual sound of the earphones. The bass is great but the sound has the tendency to sound muffled under all the weight of the heavy noise.

So if you are looking for a companion on your sporting and working out ventures, the JBL Reflect Aware Lightning Headphones are the ones to get. But if you are looking for headphones for home listening, you may be better off getting another pair of lightning or wireless headphones.
Sound Quality
The fit is perfect; soft, comfortable, and sweat resistant
The companion app lets you adjust the specifics of your audio
The remote is effective
Loud, strong bass
It draws power from the phone and subsequently results in increased and quicker battery drainage
The pair cannot be plugged into a regular headphone jack; you must purchase an adapter
Quite expensive
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