The Best 3 Headphones from the Vivitar 12000 Series
Vivitar Headphones 12000 Series

The Best 3 Headphones from the Vivitar 12000 Series

Below is our list of quality headphones from the Vivitar 12000 series. We breakdown the most popular features of each device which will help you when choosing the right pair for your listening enjoyment.

Vivitar V12909-RED-KM Bluetooth Headphone with Mic, Red

Vivitar V12909 Headphones
If you want to get entertained from high quality music, Vivitar V12909-RED-KM Bluetooth headphones are best for you. The foldable headsets are best if you want to keep them in your pocket while going outside. Talking wirelessly on phone is quite cool and alluring designs makes them worth the price. Those people who want to experience cord-free high quality music can get these headsets.

You can wirelessly manage the sound level of the music, answer the phone calls and also adjust the music you want to listen. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices as well as iPod, iPad and iPhone. It has a thin and long lasting rechargeable battery which allows you to enjoy the music for hours without charging. The remarkable playtime of 8 hours is its prominent feature these headsets will make you fall in love with them.


Vivitar V12119-N-BLK-OD Bluetooth Headphone, Black

Vivitar V12119-N-BLK-OD Headphones
Excellent life experiences are governed when you have an outclass headphones to enjoy the classic quality music. Vivitar V12119-N-BLK-OD Bluetooth Headphone, Black headphones are high quality Bluetooth headphones which transmit the music signals very quickly. It has a visible LED blinking light which keeps on blinking when the headphone is switched on. You can have a firm grip on the music that you want to listen since it enables you to adjust the volume and select the song.

Light weight and low cost headphones have soft and warm ear muffs which keep your ears warm. You can connect them to any Bluetooth enabled device as well as to iPod, iPhone and iPad. You can enjoy stereo quality sound with comfort. Not only music, but the headphones also facilitate the user to answer phone calls wirelessly. The amazing features of this pair of the black handset are worth purchasing.


Vivitar Infinite V12786 Bluetooth Earbuds

Vivitar Infinite V12786 Earphones
Vivitar infinite V12786 Bluetooth headphones are one of the best parts of the wireless accessories of any device.  These headsets allow you to experience the best sound so that you can enjoy your favorite music and can answer the phone calls wirelessly. These headphones also enable the user to adjust the volume of the music according to their choice. Since the headphones are cordless, you can carry them with you on work or wherever you go.

The Vivitar V12786 Bluetooth headphones are available in variety of colors. The earphones are completely light weight and small in size which can be adjusted easily. You can easily connect them to your smartphone, tablet, iPod, iPad and any other Bluetooth enabled device. Best sound transmission without lagging can be experienced with cord-less these headphones. No doubt, Vivitar infinite v12786 headphones are worth the price.