BeoPlay H6 Headphones Review
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BeoPlay H6 Headphones Review

The BeoPlay H6 continues Bang and Olufen’s reputation for great sound reproduction in an elegant package. The BeoPlay H6 isn’t a flashy-looking set of headphones, but they’re simple and elegant. All the materials are top-notch, and the fit and finish is first-rate. The BeoPlay H6 are designed for true audiophiles, with accurate tonal response and over-the-ear construction that enhances your enjoyment of your music by keeping out extraneous noise.


Over-ear hi-fidelity closed earphones Inline remote Microphone equipped Frequency range from 20-22,000 Hz Soft goatskin leather Lightweight aluminum frame Neodymium magnets 30-ohm impedance

Can be daisy-chained for music sharing Weighs 12.3 ounces Shipping weight 1.8 pounds 7.9 x 7.1 x 17 inches 47-inch cord 3-Year limited manufacturer’s warrante Comes with carry bag

Features and Benefits

BeoPlay H6 BlackThe BeoPlay H6 doesn’t try to compete with flashier headphone makers that sacrifice performance for faddish style. They have low-key looks, but every surface and material is first-rate. True audiophiles care about two very important factors when choosing headphones. First, they need to reproduce sound accurately. Secondly, they need to be comfortable enough to wear all day without giving you a headache. The BeoPlay H6 excels at both. The H6 is covered with super-smooth kidskin leather that doesn’t irritate your ears. The earpieces are mounted on a lightweight but strong aluminum frame, important for a device that occasionally gets sat on when you forget it’s on your chair.

Some music listeners like their music to be reproduced with certain frequencies boosted, and they might be disappointed with the BeoPlay H6. The H6 is designed for super-accurate reproduction, and avoids the bass-heavy sound of cheaper headphones.

Choosing headphones based on other people’s reviews can be difficult. A set of headphones that fit comfortably on one person can hurt another person, and some people prefer some frequencies in the audio spectrum to be stressed, while other like clean sound. That’s why the reviews of the BeoPlay H6 are so notable. It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t rave about them. An amazing 85 percent of reviewers give the BeoPlay H6 four or more stars, and 65 percent give them five stars.

Audiophiles are especially enthusiastic about the BeoPlay H6 headphones because they reproduce sound so faithfully. Many brands of headphones exaggerate sub-bass tones to make them sound louder when you try them out, but once you get them home you quickly get tired of them. The BeoPlay H6 is capable of studio monitor reproduction. They’re highly recommended.
Sound Quality
Low-key design
Rich, soft kid-skin leather is comfortable for long periods
Accurate sound reproduction over entire frequency range
Very crisp sound at any volume level
Lightweight frame is very sturdy
Earcups are marked inside for left and right
Breakaway cable avoids accidents
Can be comfortably worn while wearing glasses
Low-impedance speakers don’t require pre-amplification
No frequency spikes anywhere
Doesn’t stress reproduction of sub-bass frequencies
Cable has straight plugs on both ends. Might be better with L-shaped jack on one end
Carrying bag isn’t as high-quality as the headphones
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