AYL Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review
Ayl Bluetooth Headphones

AYL Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

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The most notable feature of the AYL Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones is the amazing sound quality. When these babies are positioned in your ear the correct way, you get to hear crystal clear sound and a great sounding bass to go on top of that. You may be thinking to yourself for Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones that sound this great, it should be expensive right? Well not at all, compared to pricier headphones from competitors like Sennheiser and Bose, the AYL in-ear headphones is dirt cheap. You are getting high quality sounding headphones minus the price.

Lady Jogging with HeadphonesOne of the concerns that may come up is how secure the headphones will sit in your ears. Worrying about slippage is not a problem; the AYL headphones allow you to easily adjust how tight you want them to sit in your ears. Be sure to position the buds correctly for maximum comfort and for sealing off outside noise. Longer listening time is achievable with these bad boys; with over 7 hours of talk and playing time over Bluetooth wireless technology, you can go further with your workouts and make trips more enjoyable when taking public transportation.

Newer and much popular devices such as the iPhone 7 are eliminating the headphone jack to further push the future generations to wireless technology. Manufacturers of popular headphone brands are making sure that there products are wireless ready as well. The AYL bluetooth wireless technology competes with higher-end devices that are more expensive. These headphones feature the latest Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR APT-X audio decode technology which means you will have some serious stereo sound. The device itself provides digital noise reduction using CVC 6.0 technology. Ambient noise and other annoyances are filtered out to give you a much clearer sound whether your listening to your favorite tunes or engaging in a phone call.

Ayl Bluetooth HeadphonesAn awesome feature that may be overlooked by many is the ability for the AYL headphones to connect to more than one Bluetooth enabled device at the same time. For example, let’s say you pair your headphones to your smart television at home to listen while watching your favorite program, but you also want to be able to pair your headphones to a mobile device, now you can! Listen to two devices simultaneously without a problem. Even at greater distances, the AYL Bluetooth headphones can sync with devices up-to 10 meters away. Other headphones lose sound quality the further they move away from their paired devices. If you need to change the volume, switch to the next song, or possibly answer a phone call, you can do that by accessing the controls that are directly on the earbuds.

AYL Review
The AYL Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones provide absolutely amazing sound quality for an inexpensive product. Compared to more popular name brand competitors, AYL hands down beats many of them with the superb sound alone. Besides there being some connectivity issues with older Bluetooth enabled devices, the AYL headphones will work with just about any device. For those who jog or workout will have little to worry about when it comes to slippage, even while sweating. Adjusting the in-ear headphones securely and to the right comfort level will allow you to enjoy and utilize them to there fullest potential.
Sound Quality
CSV 6.0 Digital Noise Reduction Technology
Latest Bluetooth 4.1 Technology
Upto 10 Meters of wireless coverage
7 hours of talk-time and playing-time
Rechargeable Polymer 80mAh Battery
Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices
Compatible with Apple Devices
Setup process may be overwhelming for beginners
Bluetooth sync issues with certain devices
May appear bulky to some
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