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mpow bluetooth receiver

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Review

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Cars are one of our main methods for day to day travelling. We go to our workplaces and on leisure trips through our cars. To make these trips more enjoyable we often like to play our music or make phone calls in the way. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is a useful tool that can facilitate us in this regard. By connecting our devices like a smartphone, laptop etc. to our car music system, it can truly help in making the whole experience a lot more entertaining.

Features and Pros

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is about the size of a thumb drive and it plugs in the AUX port of your car stereo. The device is available is multiple colors and has a simple user friendly layout. It has a multi-function button along with 2 track buttons that can be used to adjust the volume as well. It offers good sound quality for your music and phone calls. The device itself has good range and battery life. It has a coverage area of up to 33 feet and the battery life of around 10 hours which can fully charge in 1.5 hours.

mpow bluetooth receiverTo further contribute to the battery life of the device, it has a feature that automatically turns the device off after 15 minutes of inactivity. However, one must be mindful of the fact that it does not turn back on automatically. You need to press and hold its multi-function key to turn it back on and re-establish Bluetooth connectivity since the pairing is done automatically. Apart from this, the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is capable of pairing with 2 devices at the same time. This is can be useful if you are a frequent user of both a smartphone and a tablet. You do not need to go through the hassle of pairing each device when you need it.

The customer base has been largely satisfied with the performance this device has delivered. You would hear many compliments about its connectivity and sound quality. One common source of praise is the fact that customers are able to modernize their old cars with a simple gadget. The ability to receive and make calls along with being able to play music from your smartphone provides great convenience to such customers.

Cons and Issues

Some issues are present that may be bothersome. The microphone quality of the device can hinder the call quality. This is because it does not have noise and echo cancellation so it works fine for quick calls but it is not recommended for longer ones. There are a few cases where the results were not satisfactory for the users.

Some felt that the sound quality drops when it is being used from a distance. This normally occurs in cases where the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is being used at home rather than a car where the range of the device is hardly tested. Apart from this, there have been some reports of pairing issues where the devices simply refuse to pair all of a sudden.


The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver remains a good performer with some limitations. Still at its price point, this pocket sized dynamo definitely packs a punch.

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