Joe Claussell Boiler Room Paris X Weather Festival DJ Set - Chef Audio

One of the legends of deep house music Joe Claussell, display’s his DJ/producer talents for a sold out crowd at Boiler Room Paris. Joe not only plays an amazing selection of music but he also plays song’s that was either produced or remixed by himself.

You can check out Joe Claussell and more of his music selections at Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Arts.


Tracks played during set:

  1. Bolla – Afrikan Basement – Makkusa – Sacred Rhythm Music
  2. Ron Trent Feat Tkumah Sadeek – In Time
  3. Timmy Registford – More Than You’ll ever Know Edits and Overdubs Produced and Performed By Joaquin Joe Claussell
  4. Debbie Jacobs – Don’t You Want My Love – MCA Records
  5. Joe Zawinul – The Harvest – The Bayara Citizens Version – Remixed By Joaquin Joe Claussell With Malcolm X Vocal Sound Effect
  6. Karim Sahraoui –Nightglow– Transmat (VINYL)
  7. Lil Louis – Fable – Frankie Knuckles Directors Cut Remix
  8. The Chris Perez Project – Singularity – Nova
  9. Voyage – Lady America – DK Edit
  10. Omar Faruk – Sufi – Joaquin Joe Claussell Unreleased Remix (Acapela) Five Points
  11. Earth People – Dance (Beats) Underworld Records
  12. DJ Jeff feat KHOLI – Different Me – Josh Milans Honey Comb Instrumental Dub Remix – Tribe Records
  13. DJ Jeff feat KHOLI – Different Me – Josh Milans Honey Comb Vocal Remix – Tribe Records