Best HIFIMAN HE400i Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones Review
Best HIFIMAN HE400i Headphones

HIFIMAN HE400i Over Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones Review

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The HiFiMan HE-400i headphones are a brand of full-sized, high-performance planar magnetic headphones designed for both home and studio use.

The Hifiman HE400i are a revision of its previous model, the Hifiman HE400 headphones. It has a different design of cups and headband from its predecessor and also with better ergonomics, according to some users.

Features of Hifiman HE400i

HIFIMAN HE400i HeadphonesThe manufacturers have reworked hinges and the arch of this product in order to achieve a better weight distribution. Hence, the metal arc offers more comfort to the user by adapting better to the skull of the user. As for the hinges, they are now designed in one piece and provide good durability to the helmet. It also has added flexibility which allows it to twist in any direction without the risk of breakage.

They are generally lighter than headphones of the similar configurations and as such, they make it easy for the listener to enjoy music comfortably for hours on end without any discomfort or ear fatigue while delivering a pure audio experience.

Apart from their relative light weight, it also as a cool contemporary design with hybrid ear pads made from pleather and velour. It has a striking pair of glossy ear cups which are finished in a smoky charcoal finish.

This product is characterized by a powerful sound and very good bass. The highs and mids are smooth with nice detail without being rough. The sound is very clear its frequency response helps it to re-transmit the entire width of the audible spectrum to the user without harmonic distortion.

HIFIMAN HE400i HeadphonesUsing single-ended drivers, the HE-400i headphones offer a very lifelike sound-stage. This technology consists of a membrane vibrating across a multitude of magnets.

It has a shorter and more manageable cable that is much more convenient to use than those in previous models. It is also possible to connect it to a music player or smartphone without using an amplifier.

The design of these headphones is somewhat different from some of the previous headphones released by Hifiman and they are arguably one of the lightest headphones available in the ortho dynamic headphones niche with a locking system on its adaptable headband.

The entire product assembly is of a solid quality, and it is made from highly durable materials.


If you need a set of high-end headphones and are a bit apprehensive about splurging over a $1000 on a pair, this product comes at a great price and with an exceptional audio quality. These are the next best thing that can deliver exactly what the higher-priced models can. Everything about this product speaks of its sheer class and at under $500 retail price, this is a great deal considering the stellar quality of this product.

This product will quickly become your favorite companion and accessory for enjoying your favorite music.
Sound Quality
The Hifiman 400i headphones are very light and comfortable to wear
They are quite affordable for anyone to own
They are suitable for all genres of music
Can be used without an amplifier
Has an excellent sound quality reproduction
The accompanying cable is rather short
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